Fraud, embezzlement, usury, extortion and receiving stolen goods are traditional offences. Over time money laundering offences, self-laundering and use of money and benefits of unlawful origin have added to that list. These traditional offences are subject to a broadening of their interpretation. They are frequently alleged even when part of legitimate business, in the management of commercial, banking, construction or supply contracts, and it is assumed that such offences could be committed electronically.

The Firm provides legal assistance to clients whether they have been victims or are accused of receiving stolen goods and violating anti-money laundering regulations, in cases of bank usury, or those of contractual fraud or misappropriation of a rented property.

Our professionals assist individuals and companies in proceedings relating to unfair competition, intellectual and industrial property, where allegations of disruption of freedom of trade, fraud in trade, sale of products with misleading signs or infringement of industrial property rights, counterfeiting, disclosure or use of scientific, commercial or professional secrets, and embezzlement are raised.



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