Since its foundation, Studio Penco has been the sole Italian member of the international network of law firms known as RedeJur.

As a result, it provides qualified advice to companies (Italian and international) wishing to operate in South American markets or requiring on-site legal assistance (company incorporation, contracts and litigation, due diligence) and strategic assistance (tax planning and governance).


RedeJur comprises lawyers of excellence with offices located in Brazil, Latin America and Europe, offering a bespoke service to international clients.

This network’s added value is that it united people who have been working together for decades in the clients’ interest.


Partners of Studio Legale Penco in the world


Porto e Miranda Advocacia Empresarial e Ambiental, Belo Horizonte, Brasile

Ferreira e Santos Advogados, Belo Horizonte, Brasile

Maran, Gehlen & Advogados Associados, Curitiba, Brasile

Zandonade Cani Gama Advogados, Vitória, Brasile

Consultoria Rocha Teixeira & Advogados Associados, Rio de Janeiro, Brasile

Luchione Advogados, Rio de Janeiro, Brasile

Bastos & Vasconcellos Chaves Advogados Associados, Porto Alegre, Brasile

Faraco, Azevedo e Muratt Advocacia Empresarial, Porto Alegre, Brasile

Jader Marques Advocacia Penal Empresarial, Porto Alegre, Brasile

Lima & Advogados Associados Assessoria e Consultoria Jurídica, Porto Alegre, Brasile

Lima & Advogados Associados Assessoria e Consultoria Jurídica, Rio Grande, Brasile

Lima & Advogados Associados Recife, Brasile

ALNPP Advogados Maceió, Brasile

Barros & Morais Advogados Aracaju, Brasile

Marcos Cardoso e Tiago Sá Advogados Teresina, Brasile

Oliveira Freitas Advogados Fortaleza, Brasile

Jaime Marques Advogados S/C Salvador, Brasile

Cabral Gomes Advogados Associados Campo Grande, Brasile

Wilson Roberto Consultoria e Assessoria Jurídica João Pessoa, Brasile

González Lanuza & Associados, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Braga Advogados Associados, Manaus, Brasile

Moreira Advocacia e Advogados Associados Belém, Brasile

Souza & Farias Advogados, São Luís, Brasile

Falconi Camargos Advogados e Consultores, Natal, Brasile

Brasil & Izinete Advogados Associados S/C Campina Grande, Brasile



AVM Advogados, Angola

Gilberto Correia – Advogados & Consultores, Lda - Mozambico


Nabas Legal, Inghilterra

Bufet Sorroca Serrano, Spagna

RBMS - Sociedade de Advogados, Portogallo



The Thomas Law Firm International Law Practice, Stati Uniti



Piazza Eleonora Duse, 1
20122 (MI)

Studio Penco is member of the international network of law firms RedeJur