Criminal confiscation - preventive confiscation - anti-mafia confiscation - extended confiscation - preventive seizure - evidentiary seizure- court-appointed custodian - court-appointed receiver


Asset seizure tools have gained increasing importance in criminal proceedings – frequently hitting assets hidden by corporate structures, funds and other asset protection tools. They can involve business portfolios.

Despite their similar names, there are many different confiscation measures, and they can take place in various forms and procedural frameworks. For example, there are the traditional confiscation of the criminal profits, preventive, extended and anti-mafia confiscation. There are also differences between preventive and precautionary seizure, and the seizure aimed at different cases of confiscation.

The Firm assists its clients in proceedings in which they are interested in defending their interests against such measures and when, having suffered unlawful acts, they intend to promote the adoption of removal measures to achieve the satisfaction of their compensation claims.


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