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Studio Penco assists clients in defining the best strategies for asset protection, provides support in delicate situations, defines objectives for the allocation of assets, and plans the generational succession.

There are numerous options that professionals can provide to interested parties in this area. This includes typical national law provisions (i.e., donations, foundations and inheritance and protection law) and international law valid in Italy (above all, trust).

Clients can face complicated family situations, protection and guardianship needs of fragile individuals, such as in the destination of part of the assets for various purposes through the Firm’s advice.

However, some of the tools mentioned may be relevant in the company management, the configuration of their governance structure, or during extraordinary transactions (mergers and acquisitions) and succession of offices.

The peculiarities of the sector’s regulations require comparing commercial and business criminal law expertise: the different experiences of the Firm’s professionals ensure the precision of client assistance.


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